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Hauck Colibri: Can it be folded when reversed? And is it a good everyday stroller for London and plane traveling?

AF • 04 Jan 2022

Hi Eli,

I'm wondering if this stroller can be folded when in the parent facing position? I've seen your comments about the weak suspension and I also wonder if it will be the best stroller for me in London. Pavements can be bumpy and there are a lot of kurbs to go up and down. There are also some cobbled streets. I need a stroller that will be good to travel through an airport as well as work as a day to day stroller in the city. I hope you can advise me further.


Eli • 05 Jan 2022

Hiya, Áine,

Well, if you read my comment, you would know this is not the best stroller in terms of sturdiness and bumps on the road. They will make the ride quite uncomfortable and also quite wobbly - this will get worse over time, with strain (which bumps and cobblestones most certainly are). I mean, I do believe it can survive all that somehow if you'll be careful and also won't expect too much of this pram, BUT it would not be my choice for London.

About the folding, it can fold both parent- and rearward-facing, so yes, that requirement will be fulfilled. The short seat and weaker joints, combined with the super small wheels, make this, however, more of a second, occasional stroller for a smaller child.

My own choice for something like you mention would be something more sturdy (even when plane traveling and the stroller being thrown around, you'll appreciate quality) - even if pre-owned. Similar in size would be the Cybex Mios (I know, a new one is not cheap) or the Easywalker Charley (full Easywalker Charley review here) - but the EW you might not be able to get your hands on (try on their own site).

Also, if you're looking at something affordable while lightweight, you might want to "sacrifice" the reversible seat unit and go for something like an Oyster Zero with a bassinet, or, perhaps, an Uppababy Minu with a carrycot. Again, I would rather advise a higher quality stroller bought second hand than a cheap new pram that will perform worse. But, if a new one is most definitely for you, I, of course, understand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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