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Hauck Atlantic Twin: Can I use only 1 carrycot (and nothing else) on the frame?

Char • 06 Mar 2023

Can you use just one carrycot on the pram at a time such as if my 1 year old wanted to walk on a certain day rather than be in the pram – could I just use the carry cot with my 1 month old in it on the pram frame? Thank you

Eli • 06 Mar 2023

Hi, Char,

Yes, the second seat can be removed, leaving only 1 part - 1 carrycot (the main one) on the frame. You can use the stroller like a single stroller like that. It may feel weird that the adapters in the front will stay though, and you will have to adjust to a different center of gravity.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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