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Hamilton X1 ultra-compact stroller - any personal opinion or a review..?

John • 02 Nov 2021


I would like to ask you about the Hamilton X1 stroller.

Although it looks pretty similar to the Babyzen Yoyo and Chicco Goody Plus, I did not notice any comments on it while reading the guides.

Can you help me to know more about it?

Kind regards!

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eli & vii
Eli • 02 Nov 2021

Hi, John!

The Hamilton One - also called Hamilton X1, is not that well-known nor that popular ultra-compact stroller, so you won't find many reviews online, nor it is worthy main-player in our guides for that reason. In any case, it is a simpler one, with all the basic features found in this type of stroller, with all the usual downsides (like a but the slanted seat, a smaller seat space, smaller wheels with less suspension so good only for occasional use... A good thing about it is the

My own, brief experience with it didn't sell the pushchair to me, I mean, it felt rather basic for the pricer. Still, if the design and price fit you, it is a model that will be an ok value for money. Still, it didn't feel luxurious enough for me to get it for over 200 (there are more luxury strollers out there for a similar price), I would only get it if the price offer would be very nice (ie., on sale).

And do remember, the ultracompact stroller type is now very on-trend, so there's an incredible number of brands and models out there - we cannot state every single one in our guides as it would be a never-ending list. Still, I am glad you asked about it, as each country and parent finds and prefers something else. I would, if I were you, try to go check it out in real life, in some baby store, if you can, so you can feel it for real and decide based on that. If your budget is not huge, it is certainly a nice option (compared to the quite expensive Babyzen Yoyo, for example).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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