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Hamilton One: Is it hard to use with a buggy board, and is the handle adjustable?

Pin • 20 Jul 2023

It is hard to push when Hamilton wheel board is installed. Anyways to make it easier to pull? Is the handle adjustable for Hamilton x1 such that is longer giving more space in between the wheel board and the person pushing stroller?

Eli • 20 Jul 2023

Hey, Pin,

Yes, the stroller becomes hard to push, and the heavier the child on the buggy board, the harder it will be, You won't have pretty much any space for your feet so that weird walking will make it hard especially. The handle is not adjustable so the child will have to hold on it behind the handle.

In general, it is not advisable to have a buggy board on this stroller size, no space, bad push, and a very small frame that can get loose very quickly are simply the biggest downsides. Read more about buggy boards here to understand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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