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Graco Trekko: Why was the Graco Trekko discontinued?

Kanvi • 08 Oct 2021


Can you please tell me why Graco Trekko stroller was discontinued? Did it have any safety issues?

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eli & vii
Eli • 10 Oct 2021

Hello, Kanvi,

No, don't worry, there are no safety issues that I know of. I believe they just moved to more modern models, as the design was already slightly older. Most stroller brands do that after a couple of years - they change their portfolio, update or remove older models (always stop producing them after making them very long) and create new, hopefully, better ones.

It is the same with the Joie Crosster - a three-wheeler that was heavier, but generally well liked. I am guessing the sales were simply not that high anymore with these models.

If you'd really want this particular model, be sure to check classifieds and buy one second-hand. I mean, it's economical, and you'll get the pram of your dreams 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

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