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Graco Evo Mini: Up to what weight can the Graco Evo Mini hold?

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eli & vii
Sue • 05 Sep 2022

Hi, up to what weight can the Graco Evo Mini hold?

Eli • 05 Sep 2022

Hi, Sue,

It is more than just about the weight, it is much more about the height, width, and overall stature of the child, and also about the season and the parent's expectations. I try to give a suggestion about the expected age in the stroller Specifications (in the part The Seat Unit which you need to click on to see it); in this case, I have put 0-30 months, meaning about 2.5 years of age of an average, not a too large nor too small kid. It can be the stroller will last for a 3 years old, in summer, especially if the parent doesn't mind him or her being a bit tight in the whole, and on the other hand, less with a thick winter footmuff and clothing.

As I said, the centimeters/child's height is very very different from child to child, though about 90-95 cm at the most could work best I would guess, also from the weight point of view as this buggy is not the smoothest with a large = heavy child. Still, this is va very subjective matter, as I have learned over the years.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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