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Gesslein Indy Style: Gesslein Indy, FX4 and F4 Air - what's the difference? And are their carrycots compatible?

Maki • 01 Sep 2021


I am just wondering Whats the difference between Gesslein Indy, Gesslein FX4 and Gesslein F4 Air. The body seems so similar. Can I use the pram / carrycot from one to another - are they compatible?

Eli • 01 Sep 2021

Hi, Maki!

A good question, it is true Gesslein strollers are quite similar in how they are built.

The Gesslein Indy is the "highest" model here in terms of luxury and variability. It offers quite a number of different seat configurations including numerous reversible seats, lie-flat as well as bucket-type seats, and is made so that it is fashionable. You can choose this one in so many ways to make it the most fitting for your lifestyle as well as fashion style - there are even leatherette variations in terms of colorways and patterns.

The Gesslein FX4 Life or Gesslein FX4 Classic only offers these two options. It is equipped with the same, rather light but sturdy frame as the Indy is, but offers fewer variations and fewer colors available. However, it offers height adapters and a few more cool features, and a sleeker style (but this is relative to your own taste, of course). In my opinion, as the newest model (and more affordable than the Indy), it is the best option here. You only need to choose if you prefer the lie-flat Classic seat or the bucket Life seat similar to Joolz strollers.

The Gesslein F4 Air+ is the oldest model here. It is also the heaviest and the largest. The frame is less sleek, bigger, and bulkier than the one of the Indy and FX4.On the other hand, the suspension there is, IMO, a bit nicer, but that's about it. The F4 only offers its lie-flat, older-style seat.

About the carrycot option, there are multiple carrycots to choose from. Anyhow, the F4 Air's bassinet featured DIFFERENT attachment points so that is only compatible with the older models. The Indy features its own dedicated carrycots (like the Relax), and so does the FX4 (for the FX4, there is the dedicated CX3 carrycot). So no, the carrycots of these three prams are not compatible in between the models.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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