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GB Beli Air 4: What carrycot to get for the Beli Air 4?

Justyna • 29 Sep 2021


What cot can I get for GB Beli Air 4 stroller? I have difficulties to find a proper one. I found one - Cot to go - but it seems to be small and isn’t stable…

Eli • 30 Sep 2021

Hi, Justyna,

The problem finding the right carrycot stems from the model being discontinued and no longer produced and sold. So all the original GB Carrycot Gold are probably sold out and if you want the original fit there,e you need to be searching for them in classifieds, see who is selling a used one...

The Cot to Go will fit, but only with adapters (Cybex/Maxi-Cosi style). Yes, it is smaller as it's probably the most compact bassinet out there. It is, however, a good option if you won't be able to find the carrycot that fits this frame.

Another way to approach a from-birth use would be to get a newborn wedged cocoon - I would go for Quinny cocoon or the Babystyle Egg insert - and use the seat unit from birth with it. The insert with the wedge will make the seat flat enough to be used from birth, instead of a carrycot.

I wish you good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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