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GB Beli Air 4: Does a Cybex carrycot fit the Beli Air 4?

Justyna • 27 Sep 2021

I have the GB Beli Air 4 stroller. Can I assemble it with a Cybex carrycot?

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eli & vii
Eli • 27 Sep 2021

Hi, Justyna,

I understand where you're coming from - the strollers and their frames are very, VERY similar in functions as well as shape. The attachment system of the GB strollers and their 'Carry Cot Gold' is, however, different than the one of the Cybex strolers (Cybex Balios M, Cybex Iris-Air and their 'Carrycot M'), so no, they won't be interchangeable, Cybex one doesn't fit the GB (and vice versa).

You only can use the GB Carrycot Gold on the GB frame, and the Cybex Carrycot M in the Balios or Iris, sorry.

The carrycot and their attachments are in the included pictures to compare.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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