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Joie Litetrax 3: First-time parents looking for a multi-terrain stroller option - is the Joie Litetrax a good fit?

Joe • 17 Jul 2021

Hi there,

We are soon-to-be first-time parents and looking for a multi-terrain stroller option.

We enjoy walks outdoors so something durable and very stable for the outdoor terrain would be great.

How does the Joie Jitetrax 3 system fare in this regard and 3 or 4 wheels better?

Many thanks

Eli • 18 Jul 2021

Hey, Joe,

A great question! Many parents do search for a similar, multi-terrain, versatile option while, of course, being affordable as well. Here, I will probably disappoint you, because the Joie Litetrax 3, as well as the Joie Litetrax 4, are urban strollers with EVA wheels - and not too large at that. Small three-wheelers are never a good option for terrain - they'll perform best in shops or narrow aisles, and four wheels are more stable but usually just average, terrain-capability-wise.

Here, read our article about stroller wheel types and their differences to understand this topic better.

If you need more terrain capability, I will suggest (if Joie is the brand you prefer), the Joie Mytrax. Its larger wheels with actual tires will perform better, even if not maybe the most all-terrain-ish ever. Also, the Joie Finiti might be interesting as it's a [article:|reverisble stroller]] which is usually first-time parents preference. A larger model such as a ABC Design Salsa 4 Air or a similar pram with larger air-filler wheels with suspension might also be a nice fit here.

My other advice, if outdoors is where you regularly plan to walk, would be getting a three-wheeled strollers over a four-wheeled one. I know, they come more expensive, but imagine the stroller being a car - a cheap, small car would just get broken in off-road, outdoorsy conditions. You usually want to invest a bit there, and also need to accept that a terrain pram or pushchair will simply be more substantial, heavier, bulkier... I would look at things like Britax B-Motion 3 Plus (or the Britax B-Motion 4 Plus if you can't get your hands on the three-wheeled version)...

I would also look at better brands second hand (like the Mountain Buggy, Phil&Teds, TFK, Baby Jogger...). The stroller price does matter a lot - to performance, to quality... And so does the wheel size and material/quality.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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