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Euro-Cart Crox PRO: Struggling with snow - are there inflatable wheels that can be added, or should I get a new stroller?

Mom1 • 30 Nov 2021


I have the Eurocart Crox Pro and now is wintertime with a lot of snow, as we know this model dont have air wheels, which makes my every day super hard. What kind of air wheels could you recommend for this Crox Pro Model? Or should I buy a new stroller from another company?

Eli • 01 Dec 2021

Hey there!

I am sorry to say this pram is NOT compatible with different wheels, meaning I cannot recommend you any wheels that would fit any make your days easier. If I should suggest something, I would say buy a pushchair (not a system) not, with LARGE wheels for snow. You will, however, find other niggles with it - it will be heavier, bulkier... but better for terrain and snow.

Maybe, if the budget is limited, go for a second-hand for-now stroller and keep this you already have for later use (in spring+). A used Brtax B-Motion 3 Plus, for example, could word for worse terrain conditions. Fix your front wheels, as well, when going over snowy terrain - it will help slightly

And do remember, no stroller is friends with snow, pushing through the snow will always be a bit of a struggle. Larger wheels and/or fixing your wheels will, in any case, help.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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