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Ergobaby Metro+: Will this stroller be accepted as cabin luggage even when weighing 7+ kg?

Ann • 01 Dec 2021

Have you tried to bring Ergobaby Metro Plus on plane? Since it weighs more than 7 kg, I am afraid that in fact, it exceeds the maximum baggage allowance on most airplanes.

I'll be flying across the continent at some points, so looking for a travel stroller that preferably can be stored in the cabin. I'm keen on Yoyo, but it's too pricey for me. Do you think most strollers will be handled gently when we checked in the gate?


Eli • 02 Dec 2021

Hey, Ann!

I personally didn't fly with it, but a friend of mine did. I also was flying with a cabin luggage-sized backpack weighing more than 7 kg - nobody was weighing that one, at least not in my case. The thing that was checked was whether it fits the accepted dimensions.

I believe it all depends greatly on the airline, so it is best to check your airline regulations. Mostly, however, they are not overly strict at this unless the piece of luggage is not overly large.

And, about the gentle handling, I have mixed experience. Often, they actually do throw the gate-checked things, a few friends of mine ended up with either scratched or even a damaged buggy, unfortunately. A lot of times, however, it was all ok. Again, this depends on the airline and/or a bit of luck.

So, yeah, it should be accepted, at least as far as I know. You should, however, check what your airline(s) say and also not be too afraid - the more confident you look, walking in that hall, the less they'll fuss about your hand luggage (true story ;-)).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.