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Ergobaby Metro+: What's the difference from the first generation of Metro?

Jana • 23 Apr 2023

Hi, what is the difference between the Ergo baby Metro and Ergo + please. I know the Ergo Plus is heavier and you can extend the handle bar. I was wondering what is great about the Ergo baby (the older one).

Thank you, Jana

Eli • 23 Apr 2023

Hey, Jana,

I mean, the extending handle itself is a nice addition that also adds a bit to the weight. Apart from that, the Plusversion has an suspension, a one-hand recline system, and iit is now compatible with a car seat to create a travel system, which the first gen cannot. Apart from that, and of course new colors of the Plus, the buggies are very similar, and so if you don't need the adjustable handle nor the car seat and can get the 1st Metro for a nice price or preowned in a good shape, it is definitely worth it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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