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Ergobaby Metro+: It doesn't stand on its own when folded very well, is that normal?

SarahC • 01 Jun 2022

Hiya - I’ve just got an Ergobaby Metro+ and love it other than the fact it doesn’t seem to stand very well on its wheels when folded. It looks like the seat back pokes out just a bit further than the wheels in this position so it topples over. Is this normal? I haven’t seen it mentioned in any other reviews but that amazes me unless mine is faulty somehow!

Eli • 01 Jun 2022

Hi, Sarah,

As a small stroller, the Metro Plus is surely not the most stable and sturdy out there, and the fact that it stands on its own when folded alone is rather cool. It won't be totally stable like that, but it should hold from my experience. Most of these small self-standing strollers aren't totally fixed in the self-standing position, so if it isn't so that it really causes you a problem, it is most probably normal, and you just need to find the knack for how it is best to store.

Edit 27/06/2022:

Thanks to a kind email from a strollberry visitor, I realized the Metro+ self-stands on its side when folded, and not on its wheels as the previous model by design. Ergobaby actually mentions this on their website in the FAQ section and also has a picture of it in the instructions booklet they include in the stroller's box. I was told this lovely lady really uses it like that and the pushchair is really stable that way, while the accidental curve in the chassis makes it easy to lift it up from the side. The negative here would be that it might make the bigger round chassis part scratchy, so an adhesive rubber thing on the side should most probably be used to protect the frame from scratching.

Thank you, Kata <3

Your -very berry- Eli.

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