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Ergobaby Metro+: Is the Metro Plus comparable to the Bugaboo Butterfly?

Jen • 16 Feb 2023

After thorough research, I decided the Bugaboo Butterfly was best for me, due to it being airline cabin friendly, easy to fold (with one hand, a bonus) and a tall seat for my tall toddler. However, it's very expensive! The Ergobaby Metro+ is more in my price range, would you say it would still suit my three requirements?

Eli • 17 Feb 2023

Hey, Jen,

You need to count on the Metro+ has a shorter seat back, and it is a tad larger then the BGB. It will, however, in most aspects, work similarly to the Butterfly. The good thing is that it is sturdy and the wheels chunkier, so if you don't use it on too uneven a surface too often, you may be happy with it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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