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Ergobaby Metro+: Can the stroller be folded with car seat adapters on? What one-hand-folding travel stroller drives good on bad sidewalks?

Emese • 17 Feb 2022


Is the stroller foldable with the car seat adapter attached to it?

I currently have a Melio but Iā€™m unsatisfied because it tips forward every time the front wheels hit a pebble... I tried the Yoyo and I liked how it got over everything in its way because of the front spring-like suspension.

Is this likely to be this nice with the Metro+? I hesitate mainly because of the huge price difference. But then again, the Metro+ is 25% heavier than the Yoyo :( I need a one-hand-fold compact stroller for every day city use with worse than average sidewalks. Could I bother you for recommendations?

Eli • 17 Feb 2022

Hi, Emese,

You need to remember that these ultra-compact travel strollers (read more HERE) are meant for travels. Even the overpriced Babyzen Yoyo gets loose over time and has its own problems - like a VERY slanted seat with a short seat back that makes the kid kind of hang on the harness. The suspension there is really exceptional, however, I would not recommend such a size for an everyday stroller, nor for worse terrain like very bumpy/holey sidewalks.

About the Ergobaby Metro Plus, it should be able to fold with adapters on in theory. Most manufacturers however make it impossible because of a lock inside, which is a safety measure that prevents the stroller from folding with a car seat attached. Even if it doesn't have that (I seriously doubt that - I never tried though), the folded size will be considerably longer. The suspension on the front wheels is weaker on the Metro +, compared to the Yoyo.

If you search for good driveability in such a small stroller, I will recommend the Joolz Aer which has very nice quality wheels and a nice suspension for the size. Also, the Uppababy Minu is worth mentioning, and so is the Quinny LDN.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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