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Ergobaby Metro+: Can the original Metro lie flat and have the sides up like a cot - like the Metro Plus does?

Alyssa • 15 Jun 2023

Hi Eli

I am really interested in the Ergo Metro as it is lighter but looking at the Metro+ as it can lie flat and able to cover the sides like a cot (coming out from the foot rest). Is this also available in the Metro variant?

I have found nothing that confirms this - would be helpful if you can confirm this.


Eli • 15 Jun 2023

Hey, Alissa,

The Metro = the original, meaning older design, is also able to lie flat, so the fully reclined position is present on both models. The cot-like setup with the sides is, however, there only for the Metro Plus, and if that is what you need, you should go for the newer Metro+. Other than that, both will be ok for smaller babies in that reclined position, and both also offer the extra bassinet option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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