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Ergobaby Metro+: An upright travel stroller for a 10mo

Anne • 05 Jul 2023


I'm really considering the Metro Plus, but can't really figure out if it has a good upright position. I'll be traveling for summer holiday with my 10 month old, small for her age. I will generally use the stroller for vacations.

Specs that are important for me:
Full or nearly full recline for good naps
Upright position for sitting
Foot rest
Need to be used as carry on luggage on flight

Generally a quality stroller that doesn't break to easy and has a nice smooth drive. It doesn't need to be terrain going :-)

Price isn't that important.

Thank you so much :-)

Eli • 05 Jul 2023

Hey, Anne,

I won't make you happy by saying this, but this stroller is not really upright. Pretty much no stroller that is of the cabin luggage size is. Some are a bit better - the best being probably the Joolz Aer, and also the
which, however, may not have other features you need, the Emmaljunga Kite is worth checking out, or the Chicco Goody Plus is not totally slanted, but... don't expect any of those to be really upright, as they won't. That is the price to pay for that smallest possible size.

Personally, I would get a Joolz Aer, practicality and comfort-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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