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Ergobaby Metro+: A unicorn ultra-compact that lies flat and is compatible with a carrycot and a car seat

Victoria • 15 Jul 2022


I am really torn between the Metro+, Easywalker Jackey, and the Cybex Beezy.

I care a lot about functionality. Main things I want: lay flat seat, easy 1 hand fold, able to take as a carry on, ventilation and canopy, easy carry, car seat/carrycot compatible, as well as functional basket for items.

I might be looking for a unicorn, but I am open to other suggestions outside of these as well.

Thank you.

Eli • 15 Jul 2022

Hey there, Victoria,

From your choices, I would most probably go for the Metro Plus. I mean, as the only one from there, it is comfortably compatible with a bassinet, a car seat, is spacious and not so slanted (as opposed to the Jackey), and has a sturdy frame that will last a bit.

I would also check the Recaro Lexa, which is also well made, just isn't compatible with a carrycot - BUT you could always use a universal cocoon or an insert cot in there if necessary.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.