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Ergobaby Metro+: A comfortable travel stroller for Disneyland that can be used for naps of an 18mo

Constanza • 20 Apr 2023


We live in Europe and have an upcoming trip to Disneyland (Florida). We have a Yoyo and love it but I am looking for a portable stroller that reclines fully so our 18-month-old has better naps while we are there.

I looked at the Silver Cross 3 (folding and unfolding is a NIGHTMARE) and the Joolz Aer + (I haven’t seen reviews of the new model here, but it reclines more than the previous one), I am thinking if the Ergobaby Metro + might the one for us.

How does it compare to the Joolz Aer + in terms of baby comfort, flying in cabin and ease to fold?
Main things I am looking at:
-full or near full recline
-one hand folding/unfolding
-decent leg support (the Joolz even with the extra support seems a bit lacking… is it me?)
-has car seat adapters for Cybex
-can fly in cabin (not a must)
-decent canopy for day naps

The metro+ seems to tick all the boxes but it is the heaviest of the group. Is it the best one for what I need or am I missing any other candidates? I wanted to love the Joolz but it also feels huge when folded compared to the Yoyo.
Thank you!

Eli • 21 Apr 2023

Hey, Constanza,

If you're looking for comfy naps, I am thinking the Metro could definitely be better. It is very nicely padded (better for smaller babies, but you don't have that anymore), and it's not the smallest seat either. The sturdier chassis will work with travel nicely, although it may be it won't fit every airline cabin luggage dimensions, so be sure to check that out.

I like the Joolz Aer / Aer+ build and I think it's a very nice buggy, high quality, but I don't think it was made for naps. Check also the Recaro Lexa for a full lie flat and a spacious enough seat - but I think you'll be resonably happy with the Metro.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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