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Emmaljunga Scooter 4: How to fix the hood and which buggy board will fit?

Saman • 25 Jun 2022

How to fix the canopy of Emmaljunga Scooter 4..? I'm bit confused. And which standing board can I attach to it that work well..?

Eli • 25 Jun 2022

Heya, Saman.

I am sorry but I cannot tell you how to fi the hood as I don't know what is wrong with it and what/why it needs fixing. I would, however, recommend getting in touch with their customer service, or the shop you bought it at, and they should help you with servicing and spare parts.

About the sibling buggy board, my personal favourites are the Bumprider and the Lascal Buggy Board Mini or Maxi, as these two fit the most universally in my opinion, and their wheels are one of the better ones.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.