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Easywalker Sky: Where to find parts, as it's discontinued?

Dee Rae • 19 Oct 2021

Where can I find Sky parts… it's hard to find since it has been discontinued? This has been the best stroller I have ever had! Now with a newborn, I need the carrycot… I cannot find it anywhere.. pls help..

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eli & vii
Eli • 19 Oct 2021

Hi, Dee,

I have two solutions (quite limited) to offer you as suggestions.

First is kind of obvious - check classifieds, used second-hand strollers, there could be a Sky or a Qtro (Plus) for sale, their carrycot are compatible.

Next, there is still a supplier of this model in the Czech Republic, kocarky.cz. I don't know if Czechia is too far from where you are, or you'd try writing them at kocarky@kocarky.cz, but they are probably the only ones who can help you.

I hope I helped, and I wish you good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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