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Easywalker Mini Buggy Snap, Ergobaby Metro+ or Mast M.2 - which with a longest seat, best suspension, best parent comfort would you choose?

Katrip • 13 Oct 2021

So after reading reviews, I've narrowed it down to Easywalker Mini Buggy Snap, Ergobaby Metro Plus or Mast M.2. For laying the longest, best suspension, best parent comfort (and putting in overhead on plane)

If you had a choice which of these and why!?

Thank you! Dr. Katherine Ripullone

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eli & vii
Eli • 14 Oct 2021

Hi again, Dr. Kat 😊

From these choices, I would - personally - go with the Ergobaby Metro Plus. There are pros and cons to all three of these, but the Metro has a very comfy - padded and longer - seat, pushes well (just not perfect on bad terrain), and the suspension is, well, as on other small strollers - just some. The problem with large toddlers in the EW Mini Buggy Snap is a shorter, slanted (not upright at all) backrest, and the same goes for the Mast.

Not bad strollers, just thinking the Merto will last you longes, that is all. No special suspension (maybe Easywalker's is a biiit better, tbh) and no special spaciousness. And the quality of all three is very comparable.

Do read the previous answer for inspiration as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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