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Easywalker Miley: What seat liner size will fit?

Fiona Cochrane • 29 Sep 2021


Can you please tell me what size stroller insert it takes - small, medium or large, or is there a specific size?

Eli • 29 Sep 2021

Hello, Fiona,

Do you mean an insert as a liner, this pad for the child to sit on? If so, I would suggest a medium size (not overly wide), as the seat is, apart from not being extremely wide, quite normal. It's more the chassis that is small.

I would suggest an Elodie Details seat liner, an Aerovmoov pad, a Diono liner, or anything universal, really. The brands offered quite vary from country to country.

If you need a seat insert for a small baby, do check the Aeromoov Cosymorpho or similar, or the Easywalker Soft Cot.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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