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Easywalker Miley: How to fold the Miley buggy?

Kezza • 24 May 2022


I am a grandma who has just purchased the Miley and struggling to understand how to fold stroller. I have read instructions and watched youtube video. Is there some simple instructions I can follow please?

Eli • 24 May 2022

Hi, Kezza,

It is actually not hard and I don't think that, apart from the manual and the instructional video, there's something simpler online. The way is to push in this little safety button on the lower part of the handlebar (down in the middle) with your thumb. Then push the internal handle button with the rest of your fingers, and with that, push the handle forward to start the fold. So there are two buttons to push, don't forget.

If nothing works, I would go to any shop selling Easywalker strollers, I think hey will show it to you on site.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.