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Easywalker Jackey: Are the wheels/suspension noisy on bumpy roads? Is the seat upright enough?

Chaity • 22 Sep 2021


How does the suspension work, especially on cobblestones and bumpy roads, since it has small wheels? Is it noisy? Is the seat too much slanted even if its most upright position?

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eli & vii
Eli • 23 Sep 2021

Hello, Chaity!

I'll start with the seat - it is slanted a bit, yes. It is not completely upright. It's not horrible but if you're looking for an ultracompact stroller that is upright, this won't be it. Actually, that is very rare with ultra-compacts overall.

Moving on to the wheels and the stroller suspension, well, again, it's a travel stroller. There is actually quite a nice suspension on these, but as you say, they are small. That means even with the best suspension possible, you will hear a bit of noise on cobblestones and such (actually heavy - cobblestones hurt every stroller, even a Cybex Priam) terrain conditions. It won't be horrible but it won't be absolutely comfortable either.

That's an honest answer - you cannot expect more of the smallest stroller type there is. Not too noisy, but not too quiet either. The Jackey is actually better off in this department than many cheaper small strollers. And even the Babyzen Yoyo does get noisy on cobblestones, and that is one expensive stroller...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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