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Easywalker Harvey3: Does it include a rain cover?

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Ena • 19 Oct 2022


I read most everything about the Harvey 3 on your website and noticed that in the specs, it states that it's standing by itself while folded while in the questions section, it doesn't.

Just wanted to point that out which leads me to my question - I cannot for the life of me find the rain cover for Harvey 3 in Norway (sold out, etc.) and the official website doesn't deliver here. Your specs section says it includes a rain cover but I cannot find confirmation of that neither on online shops that sell it here nor the official website itself. Is this correct information and should I expect my Harvey 3 to arrive with the corresponding rain cover?


Eli • 19 Oct 2022

Hi, Ena,

Thank you for pointing that out; I will correct that in the specs. I think it actually was supposed to free stand but i personally could not make it freestand, so I take it it doesn't.

About the rain cover, from my experience with it, and with a baby store that was an official distributor, the stroller did came with a rain cover, yes, but only with a carrycot one in the basic version - and only the Premium line had it included. Meaning there SHOULD be at least one rain cover included is buying a stroller system.

However, I know for a fact that many shops make their own sets, as, distribution-wise, the stroller, and all accessories to it have to be bought piece after piece, never together. Which means, in different countries and distributors, this an change. The best is to check with the seller, and/or the description of the offer, as some sellers and distributors divide the sets as well as all else about the stroller to either have more order to it, or to make more money. Whatever the case, you should definitely check, as it is not an automatic process of including it, and it also changes over time. The seat unit's rain cover should, however, FOR SURE be also available separately, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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