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Easywalker Harvey3: Can it freestand when folded?

Rosetta • 24 Oct 2021

when folded, can it stand? I have a very small entrance at my place and no room to store it, practically, on a daily basis...

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eli & vii
Eli • 24 Oct 2021

Hello, Rosetta,

Unfortunately no, the Easywalker Harvey 3 cannot stand by itself when folded, it doesn't offer the freestanding feature. It only lays down so it will take some of your space.

So if your main stroller priority is the freestanding option, you will probably need to look at smaller strollers (and such that offer a fold where the seat folds in itself too, as these are usually those that, even reversible, can free-stand - like the Cybex Balios S or the Joie Finiti...).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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