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Easywalker Harvey3: Are the extra all-terrain wheels worth the extra money?

Barbora • 13 Dec 2021

Dear Eli,

Are Easywalker all-terrain wheels worth the extra 100 € in your opinion? I’ve got a Harvey3 Premium but there was no possibility to order it in all-terrain version (only wheels separately). My terrain is mostly forest path - bumpy with tree roots, stones,… the push with “normal” wheels is actually quite good. The only thing that worries me is whether the baby is not being shaked in the stroller too much.

However, it’s my first stroller ever so I can’t really compare what’s normal and still safe and comfortable for the baby… Is the difference with how the all-terrain wheels handle the terrain so much better compared to normal wheels? Many thanks for your advice!

Eli • 14 Dec 2021

Hi, Barbora!

A very good question, I found more mums are thinking about the same thing! I would say here that, if the push is pretty good already, it is actually NOT worth the extra money, no. The thing is, the all-terrain wheels (before available also in the set, now, everywhere, only sold-separately) are similar to the "basic" ones,'- not larger, just THICKER and with tread. They are even made out of the same material. They will help going over bumps and such if needed, the overcoming of obstructions is SLIGHTLY better, yes, but the "shaking" of the baby will, actually, not really change. The suspension cares for that - and it's actually quite good with the Harvey 3, no worries.

So, if the driving is nice enough, don't worry at all. You Do not need to do more for your baby - he/she will be fine in this pram even if you don't get the all terrain wheels. I mean, they do help, but just a bit, not really necessary in your situation, I believe. Do think about those only in case you truly feel you'd appreciate an even more all-terrain ride (for yourself) ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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