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Easywalker Charley: Will the stiff suspension get better over time?

Eduard • 04 Jan 2023


I've purchased this stroller, brand new (it's my first one!) and the suspension is unexpectedly hard - I can barely see the movement in the actual mechanism if I try to bend it with my hand, or by leaning my weight on it. That's on both the front and the back wheels. I know it's not an all-terrain stroller, of course, but is that kind of hardness expected, or at least, will it get better with time? To be fair, the stroller is empty at the moment :) Thank you!

Eli • 04 Jan 2023

Hi, Eduard,

Yes, it is a compact stroller so not crazy soft, suspension-wise. If it is new, however, it will be stiff, and the suspension will loosen up over time, and mainly with the child and load inside. Don't expect too much, however I, with a larger child, felt it quite nicely for such a small stroller - it probably just needs time and use, movement of the joints. You can also oil it a bit.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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