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Easily foldable urban travel system for short parents and daily folding

Bumash • 06 Jun 2021


We’re looking for a lightweight easily foldable pram (preferably a travel system) for a newborn. Price doesn’t matter, it should be good quality and versatile but also offer some protection for the baby. Me and my partner are both relatively small and would use it primarily in the city, travel with it, and fold it up every day.

Our favourite model so far was the Babyzen YoYo+ but we have concerns about whether it’s really suitable for a newborn as their main pram. Same goes for Joolz Aer. The Cyber Priam for instance we found too bulky and heavy.

Eli • 06 Jun 2021

Hello, Bumash,

To me, the Babyzen Yoyo is, in my opinion, not enough to serve as the main pram. The small wheels, the small frame, the not-fully-reclining seat (apart from the bassinet mode)... I, honestly, wouldn't use it for a newborn on a daily basis - if, then only occasionally (for travels, around shops, and so on). I understand you need something less bulky and easy folding, but then, go for a very lightweight mid-size with a carrycot. My choice would be something like an Oyster Zero from Babystyle (with a carrycot), or maybe a Quinny Zapp Flex with a newborn cocoon (no need for carrycot, and the seat's large enough for a 4yo even if it's reversible, pic's included). They're much less bulky and lighter than, for example, the Cybex Priam you mentioned. And, if considering a very small but still full-featured model, a Cybex Mios, Easywalker Charley (both just 8 kg and great even for shorter parents) /EW Charley full review here/ or maybe a Bugaboo Bee 6 might work.

Here's more on why not use ultra-compact strollers as main/everyday/all-terrain strollers in an article, if you'd be in the mood to read more. If you still decide to get one, absolutely, many mums do, but... truly do understand the baby is much, much less comfy in it, and the fragile little newborn should have something with a bit of more support in the beginning - and with a more comfortable sitting position around 1 year or so - in my opinion. The Yoyo I'd get - either for the trips in the beginning/or later, for a toddler that doesn't ride much often anymore and only needs an occasional ride.The seat's quite very slanted, to tell the truth...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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