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Dorjan Danny Sport Baby Boat: How does one get the covers removed for washing?

Peppi • 04 Apr 2023

Hi Eli, how do you get the covers (hood/seat unit, bassinet, as well as sport seat) off the Dorjan Danny Sport Baby Boat for washing?

Hallo Eli, wie bekommt man die Bezüge (Verdeck/Sitzeinheit, Wanne, als auch Sportsitz) vom Dorjan Danny Sport Baby Boat zum Waschen ab?

Eli • 04 Apr 2023

Hey, Pepi,

The internal part of the carrycot is removable and machine washable, however, the rest should be only hand-washed - not only because it is hard or impossible to remove those parts (especially the canopy), but also because it is a cheaper kind of fabric and can fade or even tear in the washing machine.

I recommend reading this article of mine about stroller cleaning and maintenance, it should help, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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