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Doona Trike or a compact stroller for the first long-haul plane trip to Africa with a two yers old?

Ray • 12 Jul 2023

Hi Eli.

I'm taking my 2-year-old on his first long-haul plane trip and adventures in South Africa. I'm confused between taking my Doona Trike (light, enjoys it, but doesn't recline) or purchasing a travel stroller such as the Leclerc or Yoyo. Please share any advice you may have.

Eli • 12 Jul 2023

Hey, Ray,

It all depends of the child and your program. I mean, if your little one does nap during the day, or does get tired quickly, plus you plan on half-day or full day trips, a stroller would be a better option because of that reclining feature plus the better coverage against the sun. Personally I would advice the Joolz Aer btw, more spacious for a 2yo, and not so crazy slanted as the Yoyo is.

If your kid is, however, happier in the trike and does not really nap during the day, then the thing that he lasts longer and happier in is better, thus the trike would make more sense then.

Personally, I would probably be more for a stroller, but really, what the child stays in happier is the better option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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