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Twistshake Tour: Does this stroller fold into a cabin-sized, plane-carry-on friendly package?

MID • 16 Jul 2021

When folded, does it fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, as hand luggage?

Eli • 16 Jul 2021

Hi, MID,

No, the Twistshake Tour pushchair is not an ultra-compact stroller so it does NOT fold into cabin-size measurement. No airline will accept this mid-size, world-facing lightweight stroller onboard as a piece of carry-on luggage, it's too big for that after folding.

You CAN, however, travel with it - they will take it from you when boarding, store it elsewhere, and return it to you when getting off the airplane.

If you're searching for a cabin-sized ultracompact stroller, read this article to find out the best options for this summer that will fit the airlines' requirements.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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