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Does the Nuna Triv carrycot fit the Nuna Triv Next stroller frame?

Kristl • 23 Jan 2023

Hi Eli,

I was wondering if the Nuna Triv carrycot would fit on the upgraded stroller the Nuna Triv Next? I called Nuna today and they said it doesn’t fit, but the design looks so similar. Do you have any experience?

Thanks Kristina

Eli • 23 Jan 2023

Hi, Kristina,

If they explicitly said it doesn't, I don't want to say something different as there might be something, for ex. the center of gravity, that might make it incompatible - however, attachment system-wise, they truly look the same. If I were to make a guess, I would say it definitely will fit. However, you might want to try it out fist without the babyjust to check if everything is safe, secure, and stable - ideally in a baby shop selling Nuna's around you. I am quite positive, though, that mechanically it should fit, yes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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