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Does the Inglesina Electa have a good suspension system?

Dok • 30 Oct 2021

Inglesina electa review. I am interested if it has a good suspension.

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eli & vii
Eli • 31 Oct 2021

Hi, Dok,

I won't make you too happy, I am sorry, but Inglesina strollers are not famous with good suspension overall. And if you take the Inglesina Electa having quite small wheels and a small-ish, compact frame, you cannot expect much in terms of suspension. Even in this video:

you can see how the carrycot wobbles a bit, meaning it absorbs the shocks from the road rather than the wheels would do. This is, however, absolutely OK for such a compact, cute model. It, instead of good suspension and all-terrain features, offers urban features and compactness WHILE a very comfortable, spacious carrycot (that is not common with small urban prams).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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