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Does the Fox 3 feature a 'sturdy' mode that is heavier?

SC • 30 Jul 2022

Question about the Bugaboo Fox 3!

Your website description says "The Fox 3 is lightweight like the Cameleon 3 - only 9.9 kg in the light configuration while starting at 12.2 kg in the sturdy mode". I tried looking it up, but I don't understand the difference between the light and sturdy mode. Can you explain?

Eli • 30 Jul 2022

Hi, SC, and thank you for pointing that out. There was the sturdy mode planned in the past, though it didn't really happen. The description should have been updated, I just forgot about it. Going to update it now. There's only one configuration of the Fox 3, the 9.9 kg one, at the moment.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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