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Does the Bugaboo Fox fold with the seat facing the parent?

Sasha • 17 Jun 2022


Would you happen to know, if the Bugaboo Fox 1 (and all the other Foxes) can be folded in 1 piece parent facing, I can't find a video online showing this..?

Is there a small stroller only parent facing?

Thanks so much

Eli • 17 Jun 2022

Hi, Sasha,

I am not sure I completely understand the second part of the question - I mean, there are much smaller strollers that can parent face - it is usually those that have a seat that folds in half. One of the smallest while still having a longer seat unit is the Cybex Mios.

About the Fox line, yes, it can fold also in the parent-facing mode, but that folded size is just too bulky, and you will do MUCH better not folding it like that. It is not such a "work" to remove the seat; it is, however, a burden to load that size in the car in one piece.

Here's a video for you that shows the whole process:

Your -very berry- Eli.

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