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Do you recommend the Recaro Lexa Elite? Does it lack padding?

Hannah • 01 Sep 2022

Hey Eli,

Just replying to your previous post about reversible cabins. Do you recommend the Recaro Lexa Elite? I heard there isn't much padding? I've got a small 18-month-old girl so hoping the headrest is perfect for a 2-year-old as newborn positions isn't much of a choice right now haha!

Eli • 01 Sep 2022

Hey, Hannah,

You cannot expect an ultracompact to have everything - I mean, they are made the smallest possible, so of course they cannot compare with the full-sized, full-featured models by far ^_^ I would not stress out about the padding, more about the not-too-large wheels so not too much all-terrain ride. I mean, you can always put in a universal seat liner (like an Elodie Details or any other similar pad) to add to the padding.

I do think the buggy is simple, so I would not expect crazy much of it - especially when wanting a reversible morel that fits the overhead compartment. I think it is good for what it is but has its downsides which are logical for the size. So yeah, I mean, I'd get it if I needed a reversible ultra-compact. But I actually would not go for a reversible with a toddler, rather would go for a more spacious world-facing one. This is of course highly subjective and you know why you need that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.