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Do the Joie Mytrax and the Joie Mytrax Flex have rear air tires?

Codfra • 16 Jan 2023

I have been looking at the Joie Mytrax and the Mytrax Flex. Can you please confirm which one or both has the rear air tyres?

Eli • 16 Jan 2023

Hiya, Codfra,

The exact wheels type depends on the line (year) as well as country the model is sold in. In general, the wheels, both forward and rear, should be like inflatable tires, rubber with even the valves, but filled with foam to be puncture free. Some Mytrax/Mytrax Flex's were made with actual air wheels in the rear, though, and some places spare wheels can be bought air-filled, too. Be sure to check at your shop / distributor for being sure, but in general, they should be foam-filled tires.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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