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Diono Excurze: How high is the seat on this? Can I get a tall seat compact stroller that also accepts a second seat?

Allyson • 24 Aug 2022

I’m looking for a high landscape compact stroller. I’m eyeing the Diono Excurze. Why is it so hard to find dimensions on strollers?! How high is the seat on the Diono?

I love the Graco Nest Slide2Me idea. I think that goes up to 32”! Which is what I prefer. But the Graco is too bulky.

Also, the Elittle Emu is another nice one. But the seat is only 23” high. Which seems normal to me. Any suggestions? Am I asking too much?

I was also trying to figure out if I could get a compact stroller that allows for an additional seat and just use the adjustments to put the carry cot on (to the level I like) (without getting an additional seat).

Eli • 24 Aug 2022

Hi, Allyson,

Unfortunately, one cannot have all strollers at hand to measure them, and the manufacturer doesn't state this measurement, I am sorry. The Excurze isn't, however, very high up, it is an average height-seat unit.

About the Graco (and similar strollers with a height adjustment), they are ALL very bulky as that is a mechanism that takes material and space. You won't find a very small stroller with a very high seat or seat height adjustment - and/or you will ôpay the price" just like with the Elittle Emu, which has a super small seat unit that will realistically last you about 1.5 years of age. And yes, 23" is not too high really.

So yeah, forgive me, but you want two opposite things. You have to prioritize - do you want a tall stroller? Go for a larger one. Like the Stokke Xplory, even if second hand (that is one tall stroller).

And - if by an additional seat you mean a second sibling seat and/or a carrycot, that will even ADD to the bulkiness, so you will end up with something the size of an Uppababy Vista (which is large). Just the logic behind it - it would simply not endure the strain if it would be small!

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.