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Diono Excurze: Can it be used for a newborn without any accessories?

Melanie • 25 Jan 2023

I’m looking for a stroller that I can put a newborn baby into without requiring any adaptors, as I’ll be using a convertible car seat. Does the main body of this stroller accommodate a newborn or do the extra accessories need to be purchased to put a newborn baby into it?

Eli • 25 Jan 2023

Hi, Melanie,

Thanks to the padded, lie-flat seat, it can be used for a newborn in theory. It won't harm him or her as long as you use it in the fully reclined position until the baby sits up by itself, without help.

However, the seat is rather large, and the tiny newborn CAN be a bit loose and lost in the seat. That is why I personally would use at least a good footmuff, but probably rather at least an insert liner for newborns, or a st cot/cocoon in the seat for the first few months for the baby to feel protected. Other than that, you can also just use a reclinable car seat on the frame and use the seat after a few months, when the baby is not so lost in it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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