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Didofy Aster: Will this be sturdy enough for our daily nursery run? Other travel strollers failed me

Lindsay • 16 Dec 2021

I’m looking for a stroller for the nursery run - pavements but also lots of uneven bits. It needs to be suitable for my 1 year old and occasionally my tired just turned 3 year old. We’ve been through a couple of “travel strollers” that just haven’t been sturdy enough - dodgy brakes/wheels coming off etc - so I’m wondering if this will be durable enough? My toddler is normal weight so it just needs to be able to manage a few 15 min walks on some wobbly pavements a week!

Eli • 17 Dec 2021

Hi, Lindsay,

This buggy will be pretty much like any cheaper travel stroller you already owned, so, I am sorry to say, not too sturdy, not too roomy, not too durable. This is truly meant only for occasional use, not for daily nursery run, I'm afraid.

You need a lightweight but a tiny bit larger pushchair here, to be honest. It will last you much better, it will also be more durable, and there will be much more space and comfort for your one-year-old as well as three-year-old. Check strollers like the Oyster Zero, the Valco Snap 4, Baby Jogger City Mini2, or, perhaps, something like Kinderkraft Grande - even though here, the weight i even a bit higher, but it's also an even cheaper stroller...

In any case, such mid-size forward-facing lightweight pushchairs are still very similar in weight (just a tiny bit heavier, you won't even notice), and much better suited for what you need. I have three boys, so I really am trying to help here - these ultracompact travel strollers will be like what you already had, and you won't help yourself with what you struggle with.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.