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Cybex Talos S 2in1: Can a 4 months old baby use the shaped (bucket) seat unit?

Marjorie • 13 May 2022

Can my 4 months old baby use the seat unit? It’s because he weights more than recommended to use the carry cot part.

Eli • 13 May 2022

Heya, Marjorie,

It always depends, as bucket seat units more about those HERE) are usually recommended from 6 moths up. I know, however, that it is quite normal to use it even sooner if the child doesn't fit the bassinet anymore, AND is large and strong enough to hold its head. If it is so, you can start and try using it, but ONLY in the fully reclined position.

If, however, your little one is not strong enough, you should get a wedged insert to make the surface flatter, taking the strain of the neck of the baby. Babystyle Egg's, Joolz's or Quinny Zapp line's cocoon could work.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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