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Cybex Mios vs. Thule Shine, which is better from birth and where to check out the Thule Shine in the UK?

Vaishali • 15 Sep 2022

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for all your advice so far, last question - you recommended the Thule Shine (which I had a look at) in comparison to the Cybex Mios, would you recommend one over the other? And if it is the Thule Shine do you know stockists in the UK that I can go and test it out at. Not finding many that stock it!

Thanks again!


Eli • 15 Sep 2022

Heya, Vaishali,

You are right, the Shine is not in stock in most shops, I have the same experience. I guess there's not too much of a demand for this particular model, so sellers don't keep it much. I don't have a particular store to recommend with that, though the best would be to contact Thule's customer service and ask about availability, they should have the most recent news about where the model is kept.

However, I think I would still prefer the Mios, as I had good experience with it, and even Stroller Workshop praises the frame quality. The Shine is not a bad one, just built-wise, I think the Mios is a tiny bit better while a tiny bit more compact.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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