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Cybex Mios 3 vs. Bugaboo Bee 6 - which is sturdier and easier to maneuver?

Bae • 16 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

I am stuck between the Cybex Mios3 & the Bugaboo Bee6. Which amongst the two strollers is sturdier & easy to maneuver?

Eli • 16 Sep 2022

Hiya, Bae,

I actually answered a similar question not too long ago - you can check it HERE. Overall, I have to say I prefer the Mios, as it feels better made, frame-wise, it pushes better (to me at least), it is not so low to the ground, aít does have a leg rest, and it is more compact after folding. Not all mums find it easy to lift the Bee up a curb (A lot depends on the height of the parent), and I found the maneuverability of the Mios very nice, considering the smaller wheels of both prams.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.