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Cybex Mios 3: Is the Cybex Mios superior to Inglesina Electa? And why?

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eli & vii
AD • 29 Oct 2022

Hi Eli!

I read you said that Cybex Mios is superior to Inglesina Electa. Please can you say a couple of things as to why that is?

The only thing I can think of is a better suspension on Cybex. Is it worth making the choice in its favor vs Inglesina? I literally need to order either one asap but a very tough decision!

Is the car seat better on Cybex? We don’t really know as we don’t drive!!
Thank you x

Eli • 30 Oct 2022

Hiya, AD,

I prefer the Mios not only because of the suspension but also because of a more practical seat. Overall, the Electa has a fabulous carrycot, however, the seat is a little worse from my, and other moms' experience - the hood wobbles, the maneuverability with it is weaker, and the whole is not as compact as the Mios. I really enjoyed the steering with the mios, and the super small size was a blessing to me.

However, there is no saying one is definitely superior, as it depends on FOR WHOM, for what use. They're both nice strollers, and the Electa has its own pros, just I personally would, practicality and longevity-wise, go for the Mios rather that that.

About the car seat, my choice was, in the end, a Maxi-Cosi, as I had a Cybex and was not happy with the fabrics, which made my song sweat a lot, and I had the more expensive line. Also, Cybex cars eats felt much heavier, and the Maxi-Cosi were lighter and with a more comfortable angle.

Joie car seats, all with the same attachment systems btw, are, on the other hand, a more affordable and also a good solution.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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