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Cybex Mios 3: How does this compare to the Babyzen stroller?

Sil • 12 Apr 2023


How does this compare to the Babyzen stroller? I look for a city stroller, not too large but at the same time comfortable, and that can be used for a newborn but can also last longer so I do not need to purchase a new one. Thanks!

Eli • 13 Apr 2023

Hey, Sil,

I don't even think you can compare the two. Yes, they are more urban, but that's about it for the similarities. The Mios has a fully reclining, reversible seat (which the Yoyo doesn't have, just a slanted, short, much less comfortable seat with a semi-recline possibility), a bumper bar, a sturdier frame with a better suspension, and an adjustable handle. That also means the Mios is larger than the Yoyo when folded - it is much smaller than any reversible pushchair I know, but still it is larger than that ocassional-use travel ultra-compact.

I personally would not get the Babyzen Yoyo unless for VERY occasional use with a kid that is at least 1yo (the newborn cocoon for the Yoyo will last about 4_5 months at the most and then the super small baby should be semi-sitting which damages their neck/spine, so a no-go for me) - for the money, I would actually get something else that feels a little more comfortable for the child.

And if you need something for everyday use, the Mios is definitely the better choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.