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Cybex Mios 3: Cybex Mios 3 vs. Uppababy Cruz, which is better (for travel and from 4mo to 4yo)?

Luiza Lobo • 10 Apr 2023

I am btw Cybex Mios 3 and the Uppababy Cruz. What are pros and cons of each one? Important features: comfort to sleep, durability, possibility to use from 4 months until 4 years, to travel with the stroller.

Eli • 11 Apr 2023

Hey, Luiza,

Both of the strollers chosen are rather high quality and thus sturdy. The main differences are the size - the MIos being MUCH more compact and more suitable for travel, but it also means smaller wheels and less terrain capability. However, the Mios also has a bit better suspension in my opinion, so if you don't go to forests with the stroller (which won't be comfy with the Cruz either), I think the push comfort is actually better with the Mios.

Another difference is the seat - the Mios is a lie-flat seat, and so, with a footmuff or a cocoon, you can use it with a very little baby too (if the baby is not too tiny, even without that). The Cruz's seat is a bucket-style seat, meaning it cannot lay flat and is better from at least 6 months up. I also found that size-wise, the Mios' seat is larger, so I think it will last you much longer. You have to count on the reversible seat being narrower and smaller than an only forward-facing one, however I was able to fit my 4yo son into the Mios, yes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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