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Cybex Mios 2: Will the original carrycot work with the second generation Mios?

Rachel • 06 Oct 2021

Will the original Cybex Mios carry cot work with the new Cybex Mios 2?

Eli • 06 Oct 2021

Hi, Rachel,

As both the Mios and the Mios 2 have the same attachment system, the answer is YES, the older bassinet WILL work with the newer Mios2 frame (and vice versa). You can, therefore, attach the older model's carrycot (e.g., bought second hand) to the newer model.

Do take into account that the newer carrycot is a bit roomier and has multiple enhanced features - but I personally was happy with the older carrycot as well. I would just wish that the older carrycot's apron was higher (or the canopy extendable).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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